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In this paper, we derive a divergent form of the force balance equation for collisionless plasma in the quasineutrality approximation, in which the electric field and current density are excluded. For a stationary spatially one-dimensional current sheet with a constant normal component of the magnetic field and magnetized electrons, the general form of the force balance equation has been obtained for the first time in the form of a conservation law. An equation in this form is necessary for the correct formulation of boundary conditions when modeling asymmetric current sheets, as well as for the control of the stationarity of the numerical solution obtained in the model. Furthermore, the fulfillment of this equation is considered for two types of stationary configurations of a thin current sheet, which are obtained using a numerical model. The derived equation makes it possible to develop models of asymmetric current sheets, in particular current sheets on the magnetopause flanks in the magnetotail.

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collisionless plasma, Vlasov equation, current sheet, numerical simulation, Earth’s magnetosphere, magnetized electrons
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