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Abstract (English):
The main goal of this study is to study the problems of modern geographical education through the prism of professional self-determination of students. The content of geographical education is considered as a key component of professional self-determination. The use of geography teachers as methodological tools for project activities, educational excursions, professional tests, etc. is justified. The article focuses on the need to provide scientific and methodological support to geography teachers and improve their professional competence in the conditions of a continuous system of professional self-determination of young people. The authors present a model of scientific and methodological support for the professional self-determination of schoolchildren in the process of teaching geography, a model for organizing project activities of a career guidance nature in geographical education in the conditions of interaction between a pedagogical university, a school and a professional community, and consider a variant of thematic planning of a geography course with career guidance content.

professional self-determination, scientific and methodological support, project activities, continuous system of self-determination of students, vocational guidance, the process of teaching geography, educational career guidance excursion, professional tests

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