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Abstract (English):
A number of state documents in the field of education emphasize the importance of organizing an effective system of career guidance for students. The relevance of this work is due to several reasons, one of which is the strengthening of the dynamics of the labor market and the market of professions. Today, futurologists find it difficult to say which of the professions will be in demand in the future. Today's students should have a clear understanding of what the expression "lifelong education" means and be ready to change their profession. One of the modern approaches to creating an effective career guidance system is the actual approach, that is, the orientation of the student to the choice of a profession for the "here and now", but at the same time, teachers should warn about a possible reorientation. All this determines the acuteness of the problem of pedagogical support of professional self-determination of students. In addition, it is quite obvious that the socio-economic development of the country depends on the correct choice of a profession by school graduates, since this choice determines the motivation to receive a quality professional education. The authors of the article believe that for effective career guidance, an educational organization should use all resources (resource approach), in particular, the resources of additional education. The authors' material may be useful for teachers working on the creation of a career guidance system based on modern practice-oriented approaches.

professional self-determination, professional orientation, additional education, practice-oriented approaches to career guidance

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