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We have studied propagation of hydromagnetic (MHD) waves in one-dimensionally inhomogeneous finite pressure plasma with curved field lines. Magnetic surfaces are considered to be concentric cylinders, where the cylinder’s radius models the radial coordinate in Earth’s magnetosphere. The waves are supposed to be azimuthally small-scale. In this approximation there are only two MHD modes — Alfvén and slow magnetosonic (SMS). We have derived an ordinary differential equation for the spatial structure of the wave field in this model. We have examined the character of the singularity on the surface of Alfvén and SMS resonances and the influence of field line curvature on them. We have determined wave transparent regions. The SMS transparent region was found to essentially broaden as compared to the straight field line case. The very existence of the Alfvén transparent region is caused by the field line curvature and finite plasma pressure; otherwise, the wave structure is represented by a localized resonance.

MHD waves, cylinder model of the magnetosphere, MHD resonances
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