Modern Means of Communication and Their Impact on the Social, Cultural and Intellectual Development of a Child
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Abstract (English):
The article of American colleagues reveals the role of modern means of communication in the process of training and education of children of primary school and adolescence. Primary attention is paid to video games, the characteristics of their different types, including educational orientation. With concrete examples, the possible positive effect of the use of video games by teachers for the intellectual development of students, as well as the risks of uncontrolled use by children, are considered. Recommendations are given to teachers and parents to control the play activities of younger schoolchildren and adolescents in order to prevent the negative impact of video games on the health and mental state of a child.

information environment; video games; video game characteristics; younger schoolchild and teenager; the role of play in the development of the child; the traumatic effect of video games of negative and aggressive content on the mental state of the child; prevention of the uncontrolled use of video games by children
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