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Seasonal and interannual variations in the [OI] 630 nm atmospheric emission are studied from observations of airglow in Eastern Siberia. Among features of seasonal variation in this emission are a pronounced summer maximum, an autumn minimum, and a strong interannual variability in winter months, as well as an increase in the correlation coefficient with a monthly mean value of the F10.7 solar activity index in periods close to equinoxes. We identify possible causes and phenomena (including solar activity) that form the seasonal and interannual variations in the 630 nm atmospheric emission. In this study, we have used observational data from the Geophysical Observatory of the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (ISTP SB RAS, 52° N, 103° E) for 2011–2017.

airglow, 630 nm emission, seasonal and interannual variations, solar activity
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