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This paper presents results of optical observations made during Radar-Progress Experiment performed on April 17, 2013 and July 30, 2014 after approach-correction engines (ACE) of Progress M-17M and Progress M-23M cargo spacecraft in the thermosphere had been started. A region of enhanced emission intensity was recorded during engine operation. This may have been related to the scatter of twilight solar emission along the cargo spacecraft exhaust and to the emergence of additional atomic oxygen [OI] emission at 630 nm. The maximum dimension of the observed emission region was ~330–350 km and ~250–270 km along and across the orbit respectively. For the first time after ACE had been started, an expansion rate of emission region was ~ 7 and ~ 3.5 km/s along and across the orbit respectively. The maximum intensity of the disturbance area for Progress M-17M is estimated as ~40–60 R at 2 nm. Pro-gress M-23M Space Experiment recorded a minor disturbance of atmospheric [OI] 630.0 nm emissions, both in near and in far cargo spacecraft flight paths, which might have been associated with the ACE exhaust gas injection.

Airglow, Ionosphere, Spacecraft
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