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The substantiation of the new technology of multi-cycle racer running-in is shown. A technological method for racer resi-dual stresses removal by means of multi-cycle centerless running-in is described. For the computation of running-in basic time which is necessary for the complete removal of residual stresses there is developed a simulator. A simulator takes into account geometrical and mechanical conditions of the contact of rollers and a racer, physical-mechanical and geometrical parameters of a racer. On the basis of the simulator obtained there is carried out an investigation of the dependence of residual stress upon the duration of racer multi-cycle running-in for various stressed states. It is established that for the efficient stress removal the running-in time must be optimum. If time is lesser than optimum, then there is no a complete removal of residual stresses. At processing time longer of optimum one after a complete removal of residual stresses the accumulation of new residual stresses takes place.

residual stresses, multi-cycle running-in, racer, stress relaxation.
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