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The method of receiving vectors allows us to determine cosmic ray anisotropy at every moment of time. Also, the method makes it possible to study fast anisotropy fluctuations related to the interplanetary medium dynamics. Receiving vectors have been calculated earlier for neutron monitors and muon telescopes. However, most muon telescopes of the network of cosmic ray stations for which calculations were made does not operate now. In recent years, new, improved detectors have been developed. Unfortunately, the use of them is limited because of the absence of receiving coefficients. These detectors include a matrix telescope in Novosibirsk. Therefore, receiving vector components for muon telescopes of observation cosmic ray station Novosibirsk have been defined. Besides, design features of the facility, its orientation, and directional diagram depending on zenith and azimuth angles were taken into account. Also, for the system of telescopes, we allowed for coupling coefficients found experimentally by the test detector.

Cosmic rays, muons, telescope, receiving vectors
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