Vasileva M. V.

Academic degree
candidate of pedagogical sciences
  1. employee Academy of Public Administration , Department of General Education Disciplines , associate professor ,
Russian Federation


  • Implementation of the Requirements of the Standard in the study of Euler theorem
  • The implementation of the standard requirements for the study of polyhedra
  • Profile Learning Math in Context of the Implementation of the Federal State Educational Standard of General Education
  • Implementation of the Standard Requirements for the Study of Polyhedrons
  • The Method of Using Practical Work in Mathematics Lessons
  • Construction of Flat Domains in the Environment of Dynamic Mathematics When Solving Problems with Parameters
  • Methods of Formation of Computational Skills Using Information Technologies
  • Methodology of application of educational online services in teaching mathematics in the context of the implementation of the updated FGOS LLC
  • Implementation of the Requirements of the Updated Standard When Introducing New Concepts in Mathematics Lessons
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