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During large-scale solar wind disturbances, variations in galactic cosmic rays with periods from several minutes to 2–3 hours, which are called cosmic ray fluctuations in the scientific literature, often occur. Such fluctuations are not observed in the absence of disturbances. Since cosmic rays are charged particles, their modulation in the heliosphere occurs mainly under the influence of the interplanetary magnetic field, or rather its turbulent part — MHD waves. In order to adequately describe the relationship between their fluctuation spectra, it is necessary to be able to isolate a certain type of MHD waves from direct measurements of the interplanetary medium parameters. In this paper, we consider some methods for determining the contribution of three solar wind MHD turbulence branches, namely, Alfvén, fast, and slow magnetosonic waves corresponding to the turbulence spectrum inertial region frequencies 10⁻⁴<ν<10⁻¹ Hz, at which cosmic ray fluctuations are observed, to the observed power spectra of interplanetary magnetic field modulus fluctuations. To do this, we apply the methods of spectral and polarization analysis. In the absence of measurement data on SW parameters, to identify the type of MHD turbulence we use the known wave polarization properties that Alfvén and magnetosonic waves are polarized in different planes relative to the plane containing the average IMF vector and wave vector. Our results show that with the correct determination of the spectra of three MHD wave types, their sum, within the limits of errors, agrees well with the observed spectra of the interplanetary magnetic field modulus, and a small difference can be attributed to static inhomogeneities and oscillations frozen into plasma, as well as to various discontinuities that are always inevitably present in the solar wind.

cosmic rays, interplanetary magnetic field, solar wind, MHD waves
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