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We present experimental results from the studies of large-scale inhomogeneities along the external magnetic field with increased electron density, electron temperature, and excitation of elongated plasma waves (Langmuir and ion-acoustic), induced by the ordinary (O-mode) and extraordinary (X-mode) HF heating near the F2-layer critical frequency, in the high-latitude ionospheric F-region. The experiments have been carried out at the EISCAT/Heating facility (Tromsø, Norway). Powerful HF radio waves radiated towards the magnetic zenith through a step change in the effective radiated power at frequencies fH near and below the F2-layer critical frequency fₒF2. The EISCAT incoherent scatter radar (930 MHz), co-located with the EISCAT/Heating facility, was utilized for diagnostics of ionospheric modification effects. We calculated the electric field of a powerful HF radio wave near the reflection altitude, taking into account the non-deflective absorption along the propagation path. We determined the conditions for electric field generation and its threshold (minimum) values required for electron density enhancements in a wide altitude range, excitation of Langmuir and ion-acoustic plasma waves under fH~fₒF2 and fH
high-latitude ionosphere, F-region, powerful HF radio wave, electric field, electron density enhancement, Langmuir wave, ion-acoustic wave, incoherent scatter radar, EISCAT
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