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Abstract (English):
The article describes the most common means of using the choreographic works-reproduction, distribution, public performance of the work. Although each of these means has a certain specificity, their legal regulation has the general rule that requires the permission of the owner to use the work. Almost all new means of using originally exist under the right of reproduction, and then becomes the independent right. The right of reproduction is not directly related the choreographic work to be available to the public; it is always involves the continuation of actions falling within the other copyrights, creates possibilities. The right of distribution is the right to be available to the public by providing the copies. Owner’s permission must be obtained, whether distribution is compensated or free of charge. Thus, the choreographer may refer the exclusive right of distribution on fixations, designs, sketches, drawings, have not received on the stage, to another person. Using the choreographic work connected with the mean of public performance, because the owner intention is to present the creative result to other persons by effort and forms of expression. According the legislation, public performance is not imply the immediate contact of the public with the work. Public performance also reproduce with the technical means while the audience is expanding.

Copyright, choreographic work, means of using the work, author, reproduction of work, distribution of work, public performance.

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