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Abstract (English):
The article discusses an urgent problem for the innovative development of Russia - the orientation of schoolchildren to the choice of engineering professions through the organization of engineering education in the classroom for extracurricular activities. The authors of the article introduced and disclosed the concept of "engineering education" through the formation of cognitive interest in engineering activities. The essence of engineering education at the school stage of education and the main directions of its implementation are revealed. An important area of engineering education of students is the use of business games in the educational process of extracurricular activities. The article presents a game technology developed and implemented by the authors, which combines elements of a business game, a sports relay race and professional (engineering) tests. The structure, content and criteria for evaluating the business game-relay "Professional tests" with the aim of immersing students in specific types of educational activities, close to engineering.

engineering education, engineering activity, cognitive interest, business relay race, professional tests

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