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Abstract (English):
The main question in this article is the consideration of sentences with incentive meaning in Persian. The article addresses the following issues: the concept of an incentive offer, means of expressing motivation in Persian and structure of incentive sentences in Persian. The novelty of the work is which examines incentive proposals in detail in Persian and describes the syntactic resources of named sentences in Persian and will find their possible equivalents in Russian. The object of work is syntactic and semantic properties of incentive sentences. The method of comparative analysis of examples and their translations is used to describe such sentences. As an example, the authors cite Persian sentences, including impulse meaning and this is the subject of research. The materials in our work are the works of Iranian and Russian linguists and grammarians working on this issue. The composition of the work is: introduction, main body, conclusion and bibliography. The article starts with an introduction and ends with a conclusion in which the authors summarize what have been said. The article is intended for students of the Persian language and for linguists who interested in the grammar of the Persian language.

modern Persian language; imperative sentence; imperative mode; command; imperative ; grammatical tools

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