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Polypropylene pipes have a significant drawback – high values of the heat-stretch factor. Material properties are changing as the temperature rises, and material is exposed to increased pressure in the pipeline. In such a case, operation of polypropylene pipes is becoming unsafe. One of the known methods for heat-stretch reducing is reinforcement. Reinforcement is performed with aluminum foil or fiberglass. The properties of reinforced polypropylene pipes have not been fully investigating. Such pipes must go through a long operation cycle in order to enterprises could evaluate their properties, primarily such reliability characteristics as infallibility, maintainability, lifetime, and storability. There are no separate Russian National Standards for the properties and characteristics of polypropylene pipes, and for their types in Russia, as well as standard methods for hydraulic tests on destructive inspection at manufacturers. In industry, as well as in housing and utilities sector, are used pipeline valves of different purpose. Reliable and safe enterprise operation depends on the smooth running of equipment, pipelines and valves. In this regard, authors propose to consider valves and pipeline together at determining of reliability indicators. A method of destructive inspection is proposed, whereby the valves and the pipeline are tested together, that are corresponding to the most probable scenarios for the emergency development. The concept basic part includes the definition of a mandatory algorithm for destructive inspection actions during hydraulic testing of polypropylene pipes on a test load. Strength test methods for ball valves, pipelines and their joints have been described in the relevant Interstate, Federal or Industry Standards and Regulations. However, it is advisable to introduce additional standards for static strength testing of polypropylene pipes. The new standard will allow single out reinforced polypropylene pipes in a separate category, provide a definition for such pipes, and also take into account the influence of external factors on the condition of pipelines, their connections and valves.

reliability, safety, polypropylene pipes, test method, destructive inspection

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