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The paper analyzes meteorological and optical characteristics of the atmosphere at the Sayan Solar Observatory (SSO) and the future 3 m Large Solar Telescope (LST-3). We examine spatial features of changes in astroclimatic characteristics for the Sayan Solar Observatory and Baikal Astrophysical Observatory (BAO). We have obtained a vertical profile of the structural characteristic of air refractive index fluctuations for a low intensity optical turbulence along the line of sight. This profile is an important result because it will allow us to adjust the adaptive optics system of LST-3 to the best astroclimatic conditions when the correction efficiency is maximal. In order to analyze vertical profiles of optical turbulence characteristics and to assess the contribution of individual atmospheric layers to the isoplanatic angle for a minimum level of total turbulence, we give recommendations for the design of multi-conjugated adaptive optics in general and for LST-3 in particular.

astroclimate, adaptive optics
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