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We calculate the angular distribution of cosmic rays at a given point of the heliosphere under the assumption that the incoming flux from outer space is isotropic. The static magnetic field is shown to cause no anisotropy provided that the observation point is situated out of the trapped particle area. We consider a coronal ejection model in the form of a static cylinder with an axial homogeneous magnetic field inside. We calculate angular distribution samples in the trapped particle area (inside the cylinder) and show that there is a certain cone of directions with a reduced flux. For the same model with the moving cylinder, the angular distribution samples are calculated for different positions of the observation point outside the cylinder. Anisotropy of order of the ejection to light velocity ratio is shown to arise. The calculated samples are in qualitative agreement with URAGAN muon hodoscope data.

cosmic rays, coronal mass ejections, angular distribution, anisotropy
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