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Abstract (English):
The purpose of this article is to determine the role and place of school geometry in the subject olympiad system. For this, the authors turn to the experience of Russia in organizing and conducting geometric olympiads for schoolchildren, exploring the specifics of the olympiads named after named I.F. Sharygin, named S.A. Anischenko, named A.P. Savina, Moscow and Iran olympiads. The objectives and themes of full-time, extramural, oral geometric olympiads are defined. It is revealed that the topics of topology, projective, affine, combinatorial sections of geometry constitute the content of olympiad geometry. The study showed that the tasks of the olympiad work on geometry checked mathematical skills to perform actions with geometric figures, coordinates and vectors; build and explore simple mathematical models; apply acquired knowledge and skills in practical activities. The conclusions are made about the need to include tasks of geometric content in the block of olympiad tasks for the development of spatial thinking of schoolchildren.

olympiad, geometry, spatial thinking, intramural and extramural tours.

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