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We propose an index of efficiency of the solar activity effect on the tropospheric temperature, which takes into account the spatial irregularity of the response to this effect. As a proxy of solar activity we take the PC index of geomagnetic activity, designed to monitor the geomagnetic field at high latitudes. Using NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data, we carry out a comparative analysis of variations in the proposed index and lower-troposphere temperature variations during geomagnetic disturbances. We identify the presence of a high degree of correlation between the temperature in the 925–700 hPa layer and the proposed index of solar activity effect. The spatio-temporal analysis of the index and temperature variations shows that the index of effi-ciency of the solar activity effect describes well both the value and the sign of the observed variations in the spa-tial distribution of the lower-troposphere temperature as compared to the frequently used index of geomagnetic activity.

solar activity, geomagnetic disturbance, geomagnetic activity index, temperature, humidity, solar-terrestrial relationships
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