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We present the results of modeling of the ionospheric Alfvén resonator (IAR) and compare the results of electromagnetic waves passing through IAR to Earth's surface with the dynamic spectrum of simultaneous observations of spectral resonance structures (SRS). IAR is simulated using ionospheric parameters obtained from measurements made with the CP-1 program of the Scandinavian EISCAT radar. The IAR model is employed to calculate coefficients of reflection RC(f) and transmission TC(f) of electromagnetic waves in the frequency range 0–5 Hz. The observed dynamic SRS spectrograms consist of spectral lines, in which frequencies, time variations of frequencies, and distances between adjacent resonant lines are confidently determined. The calculated frequencies of maxima of the signal transmission coefficient TC to Earth's surface correspond to the observed frequencies of the dynamic spectrum of SRS.

ionospheric Alfvén resonator, reflection and transmission coefficients, dynamic spectra, spectral resonance structures
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