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Abstract (English):
In this paper the communicative personality of Russian-speaking talk-show host is analyzed. The authors present the results of study of communicative personality of talk show host V. Soloviev, which were derived as the result of verbal-semantic speech level analysis. Lexical-semantic components of this level are analyzed. Moreover, in the process of this study was stated that on cognitive-value level of implementation the communicative personality of talk-show host is characterized by high level of language skills, professional competence; cultural and national identity is valued highly by the host of talk-show. It is noted, that the host of the talk-show uses different tactics, for example the tactic of taking care of his image and ignoring the image of the opponents to state a line between friends and foes. Nevertheless it is underlined that the dominance of the talk-show host and the harshness of some statements is to some degree is toned down by usage of informal communication style and ironic tonality of speech.

communicative personality, political talk-show, cognitive-value level, television political discourse.

Многогранность проявления человека в языке обусловливает нескончаемость все новых и новых ракурсов и аспектов исследования феномена языковой личности.


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