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We study frequency modulation of serpentine emission (SE), using data from the Vostok Antarctic station. It is shown that the previously observed 5-minute modulation of the SE carrier frequency is the most prominent and stable in the emission spectrum. Frequency fluctuations of this period are present in about 70 % of the total SE observation time under moderately quiet geomagnetic conditions (Kp=0–2). We performed a per-pixel processing of SE dynamic spectra and found that the power spectrum of the signal frequency modulation contains a clearly visi-ble peak at periods close to 5 minutes. A detailed study shows the emission spectrum matching the frequency range of the solar photospheric oscilla-tions. The results of the analysis allow us to conclude that the 5-minute modulation of the SE carrier fre-quency can be viewed as a reflection of photospheric fluctuations with the same period that is typical for the solar eigenoscillations.

serpentine emission, frequency modulation, power spectrum, photospheric oscillations
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