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The Siberian Solar Radio Telescope [Grechnev et al., 2011] is now being upgraded. The upgrading is aimed at providing the aperture synthesis imaging in the frequency range 4–8 GHz [Lesovoi et al., 2011, 2014] instead of the single-frequency direct imaging due to the Earth rotation. The first phase of the upgrading is a 48-antenna array — Siberian Radioheliograph. One type of radioheliograph data represents correlation plots []. In evaluating the covariation of two-level signals, these plots are sums of complex correlations, obtained for different antenna pairs. Bearing in mind that correlation of signals from an antenna pair is related to a spatial frequency, we can say that each value of the plot is an integral over a spatial spectrum. Limits of the integration are defined by a task. Only high spatial frequencies are integrated to obtain dynamics of compact sources. The whole spectrum is integrated to reach maximum sensitivity. We show that the covariation of two-level values accurate to Van Vleck correction is a correlation coefficient of these values.

radio telescope, correlation, spatial spectrum
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