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The paper reports the results of experimental researches on microprocessing by laser copper-vapor radiation with wave-lengths of radiation in the visible spectrum region of 510.6 and 578.2 nm and the frequency of pulse repetition of 14-15kHz, a nano-second duration of pulses and a peak power density of 109-1011 W/cm2 in the focused spot light with the diameter of 10…20µkm. The investigations carried out became a basis for the creation of modern automated laser technological plants “Caravelle-2” and “Caravelle-2M” and with the average radiation power of 6-8W, an operation field of horizontal XY- table 100x100 and 200x200mm and positioning accuracy on axes ±2µkm for the precision micro-machining of foil materials – 0.01-0.2mm; “Caravelle-1” and “Caravelle-1M” with the radiation power of 10-15 20-25 W, an operation field of XY-table 150x150mm for the thin-sheet material micro-processing – 0.3-0.5mm and 0.6-1mm. The productivity of the plants mentioned as compared with common methods including also EEM is by an order and more higher. Material micro-processing with laser nano-second copper-vapor radiation ensures a higher quality of a cut: minor roughness of a cut surface (≥1…3µkm) and the area of thermal impact (≤3…5µkm) and stratifications and micro-cracks do not appear in such heat-resistant material as molybdenum and tungsten.

copper-vapor laser, peak power density, precision material micro-processing, laser technological plant for micro-processing, thermal impact area, roughness of surface cut.
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