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A new concept of working quality assessment and cutting mode setting at profile creep feed grinding of some complex conjugate surfaces simultaneously on a multiaxes NC machine is presented. The analysis of dynamic and thermo-physical phenomena at machining each of the conjugate surfaces grinded simultaneously by one profile abrasive disk is carried out. The simulators for the definition of contact patch parameters of a grinding disk and a billet at a creep feed grinding of different conjugate profile surfaces of turbine and nozzle blades of GTEs allowing the prediction of material removal intensity, grinding disk wear, and roughness of every surface on the basis of changes in cutting modes, disk characteristics, dynamics of elastic, thermal and operation processes in a technological system are shown. This procedure allows controlling the process of profile creep feed grinding to achieve preset parameters of surface quality, dimension accuracy in blade profiles of gas turbine engines, productivity increase and decrease of machining prime cost.

machining techniques, creep feed grinding, multiaxis machining, machine dynamic system, dynamic behavior.
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