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On the basis of the kinematic hypotheses of the Kirchhoff-Love built a mathematical model of micropolar cylindrical meshed panels vibrations under the action of a normal distributed load. In order to take into account the size-dependent behavior, the panel material is considered as a Cosser’s pseudocontinuum with constrained particle rotation. The mesh structure is taken into account by the phenomenological continuum model of G. I. Pshenichnov. For a cylindrical panel consisting of two systems of mutually perpendicular edges, a scenario of transition of oscillations from harmonic to chaotic is constructed. It is shown that in the study of the behavior of cylindrical micropolar meshed panels it is necessary to study the nature of the oscillations of longitudinal waves.

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visualization of scenarios for the transition of oscillations into chaos, a mesh structure, a cylindrical panel, micropolartheory, the Kirchhoff-Love model
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