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In this study, a mathematical model of the nonlinear vibrations of a nano-beam under the action of a sign-variable load and an additive white noise was constructed and visualized. The beam is heterogeneous, isotropic, elastic. The physical nonlinearity of the nano-beam was taken into account. The dependence of stress intensity on deformations intensity for aluminum was taken into account. Geometric non-linearity according to Theodore von Karman’s theory was applied. The equations of motion, the boundary and initial conditions of the Hamilton-Ostrogradski principle with regard to the modified couple stress theory were obtained. The system of nonlinear partial differential equations to the Cauchy problem by the method of finite differences was reduced. The Cauchy problem by the finite-difference method in the time coordinate was solved. The Birger variable method was used. Data visualization is carried out from the standpoint of the qualitative theory of differential equations and nonlinear dynamics were carried out. Using a wide range of tools visualization allowed to established that the transition from ordered vibrations to chaos is carried out according to the scenario of Ruelle-Takens-Newhouse. With an increase of the size-dependent parameter, the zone of steady and regular vibrations increases. The transition from regular to chaotic vibrations is accompanied by a tough dynamic loss of stability. The proposed method is universal and can be extended to solve a wide class of various problems of mechanics of shells.

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visualization of scenarios of transition of vibrations into chaos, geometric nonlinearity, nano-beam, inhomogeneous material, micropolar theory, Euler-Bernulli model
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