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Dorogov’s antiseptic stimulators (fractions 2 and 3) are products of meat and bone meal pyrolysis that are used to treat farm animals. However, there is a lack of detailed information about their chemical composition. We aimed to study individual compositions of organic substances in the water- and oil-soluble condensates of these preparations. Dorogov’s antiseptic stimulators ASD-2F and ASD-3F (Agrovetzashchita, Russia) were used as samples of the water- and oil-soluble condensates of meat and bone meal pyrolysis. Volatile substances were identified by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, while amino acids were determined by high-performance liquid chromatography. The initial water-soluble condensate contained ammonium salts, amides of carboxylic acids, N-heterocyclic compounds, hydantoins, amino acids, and dipeptides, with a total content of 8% of the condensate’s weight. Its dehydrated concentrate had almost no ammonium salts and amides of carboxylic acids, but its contents of hydantoins, amino acids, dipeptides, and lowvolatile nitrogen-containing heterocycles were 10–15 times as high as those in the initial condensate. The condensate contained 13 dipeptides and 19 amino acids with a total content of 2.5%. According to gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, the oilsoluble condensate contained over 30% of nitriles; 7–10% of higher and aromatic hydrocarbons, phenols, and amides (with esters); and 1–3% of N-heterocyclic compounds, naphthalenes, pyridines, and dipeptides. The nitrogen-containing heterocycles, as well as dipeptides, were similar to those in the water-soluble condensate. We identified 80% of individual organic substances in the water-soluble pyrolytic condensate. Together with its concentrate, they contained more than 220 organic substances divided into 10 main groups. The oil-soluble condensate consisted of over 350 individual organic compounds. The full composition of the preparations can be further identified by three-quadrupole liquid mass spectrometry.

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Pyrolysis, chemical composition, water-soluble condensate, oil-soluble condensate, meat and bone meal, highperformance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, triple quadrupole liquid mass spectrometry
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