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Using electron density and temperature equations, we have modeled the dynamics of the electron density profile in the ionosphere due to the expulsion of plasma from localization regions of plasma waves, pumped by high-power HF radio waves, i.e. wave reflection and upper hybrid resonance regions. Causes of the ionospheric plasma expulsion are an increase in the gas-kinetic pressure due to the ohm heating of electrons by plasma waves, and the high-frequency pressure of plasma waves (ponderomotive expulsion). We have established that the ponderomotive expulsion develops more rapidly and is responsible for the formation of local regions of plasma density depletion near plasma resonances, whereas the gas-kinetic pressure increase is responsible for the formation of lower-density region, which is slower in time and more extended and smoother in height. The results obtained qualitatively agree with the data from the experiment conducted at the HAARP facility in 2014.

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ionosphere, electron heating, powerful HF radiation, ponderomotive expulsion, profile modification
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