Geomagnetic pulsations in 1–4 mHz frequency range (Pc5/Pi3) in the magnetotail at different levels of disturbances in the interplanetary medium
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In this paper, we study parameters of geomagnetic pulsations in the 1–4 mHz frequency range (Pc5/Pi3) in the magnetotail, utilizing data obtained by Cluster satellites at different levels of fluctuations in the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) and the solar wind dynamic pressure in 2016. Particular attention is given to the conditions of “zero” disturbance when amplitudes of fluctuations in the interplanetary medium are smaller compared to their typical values. Both under quiet and disturbed conditions, waves of different spatial scales are recorded, with the occurrence rate of large-scale waves increasing under undisturbed conditions. Amplitudes of the large-scale waves occurring in the magnetotail under low intensity of fluctuations outside the magnetosphere are from few tenths to a few nanoteslas (nT), and their power is approximately equal in longitudinal and transverse components. Presumably, these waves are magnetotail eigen-modes.

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magnetosphere, geomagnetic pulsations, magnetotail
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