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When developing the first topside ionosphere sounding stations, the issue was debated concerning the improvement of the electromagnetic compatibility of such devices through the use of chirp signals. One of the main problems of using chirp signals was the impossibility of ensuring simultaneous operation of receiver and transmitter. The article presents the results of the use of receiving and transmitting dipole antennas with a common center for sounding the ionosphere by a chirp signal. Conclusions are drawn about the possibility of using such facilities for sounding the external ionosphere with the configuration with hardware separation of polarizations and in the terrestrial version with orthogonal placing of the receiving and transmitting antennas. During tests conducted on a specially designed antenna stand, we have found that the coupling coefficient of the transmitting and receiving antennas at mutual angles of 45° is no more than –10 dB, and the difference between the coupling coefficients of transmitting and receiving antennas with mutual angles of 45° and 90° is ~15 dB.

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antenna coupling factor, satellite, ionosphere sounding, HF
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