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The second-order amplitude perturbations driven by Alfvén waves are studied. Equations for such second-order perturbations are derived and their solutions are found. The second-order perturbations are shown to be generated by the magnetic pressure of the waves. They represent plasma flows and magnetic field perturbations in a plane perpendicular to the direction of the field perturbation and plasma displacement in the Alfvén wave. In connection with the interpretation of fast plasma flows observed in the magnetotail, of particular interest is the description of second-order flows, which relates their properties to properties of Alfvén waves and the disturbance that generates them. The results suggest that at least some of the fast plasma flows observed in the magnetotail can be one of the manifestations of propagating Alfvén waves. The environment model and cold plasma approximation in use are quite applicable for the plasma sheet boundary layers, where an essential part of the fast plasma flows occurs.

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Alfvén waves, magnetotail, fast plasma flows
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