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This article explores the possibility of improving the accuracy of positioning in single-frequency satellite radio navigation equipment through the use of an empirical model of the total electronic content GEMTEC. The effectiveness of this model is compared with that of the Klobuchar model, which is recommended for the GPS interface control document. We conducted testing at our observation points, using data from the international network of IGS stations in the GPS system. The use of the international network allowed us to select a long period of time for the testing from 2001 to 2017. As a result, it was shown that the GEMTEC model significantly reduces the average positioning errors as compared to the Klobuchar model. We also demonstrate the possibility of introducing the GEMTEC model and its full-featured use in single-frequency home-class receivers, for example, in the Russian receiver MNP-M7.

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GPS, single-frequency receiver, ionosphere models
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