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Using the June 22, 2015 event as an example, we present new data confirming the presence of a precursor of the sudden magnetic impulse caused by a powerful interplanetary shock wave (ISW). The precursor in the form of a train of oscillations (broadband pulse) with a falling frequency in the range 0.25÷11 Hz with a duration of ~20 s, which had a spectral resonance structure, was recorded globally by a network of induction magnetometers at 18:33:27 UT. No significant phase delays of the signals were detected in four frequency bands at widely spaced observatories. It is suggested that the impulse can be excited in the Earth – ionosphere waveguide by a pulsed electric field which occurs in the ionosphere due to the short-term impact of ISW on the magnetosphere.

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sudden magnetic impulse, global precursor, broadband burst of geomagnetic pulsations, spectral resonance structure, Earth – ionosphere resonator, ionospheric Alfvén resonator
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