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In the textbook, for the first time, a comprehensive comparison of traditional macroeconomics with the theory of modern neo-ricardianism is carried out. A new model of the historical devel-opment of macroeconomic knowledge is presented, which makes it possible to more clearly iden-tify and more effectively solve its main problems. The existing models of economic equilibrium and growth are critically and constructively analyzed, the concepts of economic regulation based on the system of social parameters are considered. Recommended for undergraduates, postgraduates, university professors and researchers specializing in economics.

Economics research methodology, Retroeconomic model, Classical political economy, Neoclassi-cism, Unified Socioeconomics, Partial Marshall Equilibrium Model, Factor Markets, Pareto-equilibrium of the economy, Aggregate indicators of macroeconomics, Samuelson 45 degree model, Synthesis model IS-LM, Equilibrium model AS-AD, Keynes's “involuntary unemploy-ment”, Inflation, Recession, Capital export, Optimal interest rate
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