Abstract (English):
The textbook describes the features of the origin, development, structure and functioning of the earth's shells and the impact on them of the most common types of environmental management. From the standpoint of modern science shows the history of the formation of the biosphere, analyzed the causes and consequences of natural hazards associated with the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and technogenic transformation of the biosphere. The complex of disciplines that make up the textbook is chosen to present the essence of the main natural science subjects required for students studying in the framework of a larger group of specialties and areas of training 20.00.00 "Technosphere safety and environmental engineering" in accordance with the requirements of the GEF in the last generation. For students of higher educational institutions studying in the directions 20.03.01 "Technosphere safety", 20.03.02"nature management and water use". The textbook can be used in the educational process for educational programs of the enlarged group of specialties 05.00.00 "earth Sciences", as well as areas 06.03.01 "Biology", 06.03.02 "soil science". The content of the textbook also allows you to use it as a short course in Geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, climatology and meteorology, soil science, landscape Geochemistry for training bachelors in related areas and specialties.