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Abstract (English):
This publication is one of the first textbooks on the subject "Theory and practice of Government Relations" and a complete guide to GR, the content of which is based on a comparative analysis of the theories, strategies and technologies of communication of interested groups with state and municipal authorities in different countries. The status and nature of GR as a science and art are revealed, methodological and applied issues of designing strategies and practices for converting functional groups ' requests, including business structures, into a mechanism for making and implementing political decisions are revealed. When using the strategy of comparative analysis, communicative practices of interaction of interested groups and authorities in the United States are considered. in the countries of Western Europe, Japan and China, the advantages and disadvantages of national models of GR are revealed, strategies and technologies of positioning of interest groups in Russia, the mechanism of promotion of corporate requests in the public sphere are shown. Corresponds to the Federal state educational standard of higher education of the last generation. The legislation of different countries on GR-practices is relevant as of July 1, 2018. For students of higher educational institutions studying in the areas of "Advertising and PR", "State and municipal administration", "political Science".

Politics, power, communication, positioning, promotion, lobbying, interest groups, strategies, technologies
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