Abstract (English):
The publication summarizes the results of the most important long-term historical stage of research by the University's faculty and is dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the founding of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (REU) and the 70th anniversary of the Department of industrial Economics of REU. In preparing this textbook, the authors relied on the experience of teaching the discipline " Economics of an enterprise (organization, firm)" by the faculty of the Department of industrial Economics of PRUE and the results of many years of research by a team of scientists of the scientific school "Industrial and economic security". A distinctive feature of the textbook is a systematic approach to presenting the views of the leading scientific schools of Russia in the field of Economics and management of enterprises and production complexes. Sections of the publication are supplemented with modern material that takes into account current and future trends in the development of production, and cover current issues of industrial and economic security. Meets the requirements of the Federal state educational standard of higher education of the latest generation. For students of higher education institutions studying in the field of training (specialty) 38.03.01 Economics (bachelor's level), as well as for students of postgraduate education, researchers, and other professionals interested in studying the course of the discipline " Economics of an enterprise (organization, firm)".