Abstract (English):
The monograph contains the results of studies concerning: first, the evolution of ideas and practice of humanization in the personnel policy of the state; second, the implementation of the principles of humanization in work with the personnel of economic subjects: talent management, renewal of working capacity of older workers, building a dual career, building a strong corporate culture, the development of the additional professional education system; thirdly, problems related to industry characteristics personnel work, drawing on international experience of vocational rehabilitation and employment promotion of persons with disabilities, concerning the roles of personal characteristics and character pathology in the context of modern life; fourth, approaches to the weakening of the precarization of labor, University teachers, gender discrimination in the labour market, working with a "toxic" staff, to prevent stress in the workplace. Addressed to scientific-pedagogical and practical workers in the sphere of work with personnel; graduate students, undergraduates, students, professional interests which relate to issues of personnel management.