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Abstract (English):
The aim of the present study is to determine the resource of growth of efficiency of agriculture in view of the new economic conditions prevailing in the national economy. The monograph is devoted to the development of the agricultural sector of the Russian economy. The paper reveals the essence, content and factors of adaptation and functioning of the agricultural sector in difficult economic conditions. Methods and methodology: in the course of the study, the authors used General scientific methods: on the basis of scientific abstraction, a retrospective analysis of the main indicators of the development of agricultural sectors in the national economy as a whole, and at the regional level; in addition, the method of expert assessments, the method of data comparison; through a graphical interpretation of the data and the method of their grouping, the dynamics and structure of the main indicators characterizing the key trends in the development and adaptation of the regional economy. The difference of this publication from the Difference of this publication from the available literature is that in the present work the processes of adaptation of agricultural sectors to the new economic conditions formed as a result of macroeconomic instability and the introduction of sectoral restrictions are systematized. The monograph presents the results of social diagnostics and analysis of current trends in the agricultural sector of the Russian economy. The scientific problem solved in the present work is not only a review of the current situation, but also allows to reveal the sectoral features of socio-economic processes in order to identify promising areas of development of the economic potential of the industry in the new economic conditions.

Agricultural sector, macroeconomic instability, crisis, sanctions, investment processes in agriculture, gross regional product, foreign economic activity of agriculture
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