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Abstract (English):
One of the main problems of mixed reality devices is the physically correct representation of the brightness distribution for virtual objects and their shadows in the real world. In other words, restoring the correct distribution of scene brightness is one of the key parameters to solve the problem of correct interaction between the virtual and real worlds, but neural networks do not allow to determine the position of light sources that are not in line of sight. The paper proposes a method for restoring the parameters of light sources based on the analysis of shadows cast by objects. The results of the proposed method are presented, the accuracy of restoring the position of light sources is estimated and the visual difference between the image of the scene with the original light sources from the same scene with the restored parameters of light sources is demonstrated.

mixed reality, luminance distribution, High-Dynamic Range Image, 3D-scene, augmented reality, reconstruction of light source position, indirect illumination, direct illumination, point light source

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