Ovchinnikov Anatoliy

Academic degree
doctor of pedagogical sciences from 2010 until now
Scientific interests
GRNTI 14.09 История образования и педагогики. Персоналия
Scientific and pedagogical activity
Research work at the Russian Academy of education (history of education of Russia) the scientific themes on the history of Russian education within the academic programs. The work in the position of Deputy Director on scientific work of Institute of theory and history of education (2004-2014) Supervision of postgraduate students, doctoral and degree-seeking students (2 PhDs, 1 is protection, 4 candidates of Sciences). An expert in the scientific programmes of Russian Academy of education.
State and public posts and positions
The member of the editorial Board of the journal "National and foreign pedagogy", member of the editorial Board of the journal "Professional education and society", Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Council on problems of history of education and pedagogical Sciences Department of philosophy of education and classroom pedagogy.
Part 4 grants of Russian Foundation for Humanities as a performer and 2 as a Manager.
Karnaukh N. In. The history of teacher training universities of Russia in the XIX century: Monograph] Moscow: Infra M, 2017 Belenchuk, L. N., Januskeviciene O. L. History of foreign and Russian pedagogy. Moscow: PRO-Press, 2011
Moskva, Moscow, Russian Federation
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