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In the article, the authors consider one of the actively developing sports in the world and Russia – beach volleyball. Comparative analysis revealed the features of classic and beach volleyball and interdependent factors. The purpose of the scientific study was to determine the effect of wind on the delivery of various methods in beach volleyball. To conduct a scientific study, video and photographic materials were collected and studied, on which an analysis was carried out and the main phases of motor activity were identified. Applied research was carried out in the study of the profile subject “Biomechanics of motional activity”, biomechanical actions in the game and the main ergonomic factor in the chosen sport were revealed. With the help of ergonomic biomechanical factors, the features of classic and beach volleyball are determined. The main ergonomic natural factor was identified, which is the wind as a physical phenomenon that affects not only the trajectory of motor actions, in which the serve acts as the main link in the development of the concept of the game, but also the influence of atmospheric phenomena on the stability of the support and movement of the body in space.

volleyball, serve, wind effect, beach volleyball, ball trajectory, biomechanics
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