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Abstract (English):
The article deals with the institutional aspects of public financial control, the problems of relations of its various institutions, as well as proposed solutions. It is concluded that the present stage of development of Russia is characterized by an increase in public demand for the improvement of public institutions of financial control due to the fact that requires constant analysis of practices of the supervisory bodies and the timely introduction of the necessary adjustments in order to increase their effectiveness

financial control, state financial control, institute of financial control, external financial control, internal financial control

1. Konstitutsiya Rossiyskoy Federatsii.

2. Byudzhetnyy kodeks RF ot 31 iyulya 1998 goda № 145-FZ (v red. ot 28 dekabrya 2013 goda).

3. Nalogovyy kodeks RF, chast´ pervaya, ot 31 iyulya 1998 goda № 146-FZ (v red. ot 28 dekabrya 2013 goda).

4. Federal´nyy zakon Rossiyskoy Federatsii ot 05 aprelya 2013 goda № 41-FZ «O Schetnoy palate Rossiyskoy Federatsii» (red. ot 28 dekabrya 2013 goda).

5. Federal´nyy zakon Rossiyskoy Federatsii ot 7 fevralya 2011 goda № 6-FZ «Ob obshchikh printsipakh organizatsii i deyatel´nosti kontrol´no-schetnykh organov sub´´ektov Rossiyskoy Federatsii i munitsipal´nykh obrazovaniy» (red. ot 2 iyulya 2013 goda).

6. Ukaz Prezidenta Rossiyskoy Federatsii ot 25 iyulya 1996 goda № 1095 «O merakh po obespecheniyu gosudarstvennogo finansovogo kontrolya v Rossiyskoy Federatsii» (red. ot 18 iyulya 2001 goda).

7. Prikaz Ministerstva finansov Rossiyskoy Federatsii ot 25 dekabrya 2008 goda № 146n «Ob obespechenii deyatel´nosti po osushchestvleniyu gosudarstvennogo finansovogo kontrolya».

8. Sayt Schetnoy palaty RF. -

9. Sayt Pravitel´stva RF. -

10. Sayt Ministerstva finansov RF. -

11. Sayt Banka Rossii. -

12. Sayt informatsionno-pravovogo portala «Garant». -

13. Sayt Konsul´ -

14. Sayt AFK «Sistema». -

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