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Abstract (English):
The article discusses the features of the development of innovative technologies in the hotel industry in the context of geopolitical instability. The author substantiates the specifics of the innovative development of enterprises in the hotel industry under sanctions, conducts a content analysis of the information space in the vector of expert assessments of the impact of sanctions on the intensity of the use of innovations in the process of functioning of the hotel business, highlights the main «pain points» of the impact of sanctions on the dynamics of the level of innovative activity of organizations in the hotel industry , the prospects for the innovative development of hotels in the current geopolitical environment are indicated. The paper concludes that the sanctions of unfriendly countries have had a serious but critical impact on the use of innovative technologies in the hotel business. The most destructive impact of sanctions was revealed in the segments of the application of innovative green technologies and the introduction of modern digital platform solutions. The prospects for innovative development of the country’s hotel sector are seen in expanding the use of domestic developments by increasing the digital sovereignty of the state, in reorienting the vector of partnerships in the field of innovation from West to East, as well as in the parallel import mechanism legalized by the Government of the Russian Federation.

innovations, hotel business, innovation activity, sanctions, digital technologies, green innovations, hotel industry

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