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Abstract (English):
The use of new forms and methods of interaction between a teacher and a future officer in the modern educational process is due to their availability, quality and effectiveness. One of  the main directions of  the cadet’s educational activity is  scientific work, which is  based on  the results of  research conducted under the guidance of a teacher. The presented analysis of the guiding documents defining the criteria for the appointment of the teaching staff made it possible to establish the requirements for candidates and the specifics of their selection, in connection with which a problem was identified in the organization of scientific work for a novice teacher. Empirical data obtained during the monitoring of the scientific work of the faculty of the Perm Military Institute of Rosgvardiya for 2021 allowed us to determine its key indicators, which reflect all types of scientific work and have a point equivalent, depending on the level, type and personal contribution of the participant of scientific work.

science, readiness, cadet, research work, teacher, coefficient, monitoring

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