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Abstract (English):
The study objective is giving grounds for the application of methods to increase the relative slip of the wheel pair along the rail with its insignificant amount. The main difficulty in using systems based on measuring the absolute or relative slip of the wheel on the rail is a small difference in the value of the speeds and the difficulty of determining the rail horizontal speed. The use of angular acceleration of rotating parts as a diagnostic parameter may also not yield results if the relative slip grows gradually. The novelty of the work is in a detailed analysis of slippage detection devices and evaluation of these approaches. As a result, it is concluded that in practice it makes sense to combine all three mentioned approaches to identify the slippage start on various grounds. To determine the wheel slid on the rail, it makes sense to use all the listed informative signs to reduce the number of false estimates of the slip start.

slippage, slid, traction drive, wheel pair, bogie, locomotive, vehicle

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