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This article is a review of the Russian Scientific and Practical Conference’s materials with International participation on Pedagogical design, which was held at the Bryansk State Technical University on February 25, 2021. The review presents reports and presentations made online by representatives of nine higher educational institutions and two institutions of secondary vocational education, which are structured on three grounds: pedagogical design as a field of scientific knowledge and as a process of designing the learning environment; training in a virtual information environment and the development of digital educational materials; ergonomic support for the pedagogical design of network learning technologies. Conclusions are drawn based on the results of the conference, related to the prospects of the scientific direction of pedagogical design’s ergonomic support in digital didactics, which is the basis of advanced educational technologies in higher and secondary vocational education.

distance learning, pedagogical design, intelligence maps, cognitive ergonomics, virtual information environment
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1. Maron, A. E. Teacher in the space of distance learning: new opportunities / A. E. Maron, L. V. Rezinkina, E. G. Korole-va // Man and education. - 2020. - №3 (64). –P. 22-26.

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