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The work is devoted to the problems of greening the streets of the city of Voronezh. Trees and shrubs are designed to aesthetically transform the monotony of streets and roads, provide shading of sidewalks, protect passers-by and surrounding areas from dust, gases and noise from the roadway. At the same time, these plantations are experiencing the maximum pressure of vehicles and other anthropogenic factors. The ability of plantings to perform the most important ecological functions directly depends on their condition, which is greatly influenced by a set of environmental factors. With a properly selected assortment and proper placement of plants, the plantings ' resistance to biotic and anthropogenic factors increases, and the perception of the city as a whole improves. The paper presents the results of studying the range of plants growing along the main streets of the city of Voronezh. A complete inventory of plants was carried out, life forms, taxational indicators of trees and shrubs, their condition and systematic position were determined. The main types of plantings used in street gardening in the city of Voronezh are identified. It is shown that the rock composition of plantings is represented by 51 species that belong to 18 families. Deciduous tree species dominate the plantings, and shrubs and lianas are less common. In this case, the participation of coniferous plants is less than 1%. The dominant species in the plantings are pyramidal poplar, squat elm and hanging birch. The indicators of the qualitative state of these breeds are determined, the complex of pests and diseases is considered, and recommendations for optimizing street gardening in the city of Voronezh are presented.

tree species, shrubs, street plantings, species diversity, inventory, status categories


            Важнейшим компонентом в системе озеленения населённых пунктов являются  насаждения,  создаваемые  вдоль улиц.  Здесь деревья и кустарники призваны   эстетически преображать монотонность дорог, обеспечивать затенение   тротуаров, защищать прохожих и прилегающие территории от пыли, газов и шума со стороны проезжей части. При  этом  эти насаждения испытывают на  себе  максимальный прессинг  автотранспорта  и других  антропогенных  факторов [7].  Актуальность настоящих исследований обусловлена необходимостью  оптимизации уличного озеленения города Воронежа, повышения устойчивости, долговечности и декоративности деревьев и кустарников, образующих придорожные насаждения [2].


ЦЕЛЬ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯ – определение  видового разнообразия древесных пород  и кустарников,  образующих насаждения  улиц  города Воронежа, оценка их состояния, а также разработка рекомендаций по оптимизации  уличного озеленения.


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